Faith Formation

Faith Formation at St. John’s

Faith formation classes at St. John’s are designed to help us fulfill our baptismal vow of “continuing in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship.” In company with our fellow Christians, we seek to learn more about our faith, the Bible, and how we can be Christ’s disciples in the world. This year's offerings include:

Children Grades K-4 – StoryMakers – Teacher: Sarah Carr

 We are introducing a new curriculum for our young ones this year.  StoryMakers is a creative studio that designs imaginative resources for kids. Their team of writers and artists brings the Bible to life through zines, playbooks, guides, and more. The team believes that the imagination is a unique entry point to the ancient, living, and ultimate story found in the Bible. They create content that meets kids where they actually are and shows them how their own life stories are woven into God’s redemptive narrative. We will begin the year with “The Dreamer” 10-week series of activities.  To learn more about StoryMakers go to StoryMakers NYC. 

Youth Grades 5-11 – Student Confirmation Class
Teacher: Nancy Steward

 In this course, we will explore our beliefs and those of the Episcopal Church. We will snack, laugh, learn and finally renew our Baptismal vows. We are using “An Outline of Faith,” from the Book of Common Prayer (pages 845-862), and other resources.

Our focused Bible verse is:
O God, “Your loving kindness is greater than the heavens, and your faithfulness reaches the sky.”  Psalm 108:4.

Adult Formation – Leader: Jaron Hill

In Adult Sunday School we will explore the life of St. Paul, utilizing N.T. Wright's book, Paul: A Biography, to dig in deeper into this fascinating figure that still shapes our faith today. What made him tick? Why did he write the way he did? Who was he writing to and how was it read in that particular community? Please join us as we discuss the good, the confusing and the controversial!

New Member Confirmation Class – Leader: Father Nate

 Fr. Nate will be reviewing everything from the history of Anglicanism to the prayer book to sacraments and the current catechism.  If you are interested in joining the church or in being confirmed as an adult, this class is for you! 

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