Faith Formation

Faith Formation at St. John’s

Faith formation classes at St. John’s are designed to help us fulfill our baptismal vow of “continuing in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship.” In company with our fellow Christians, we seek to learn more about our faith, the Bible, and how we can be Christ’s disciples in the world.  Here are some of the classes we offer:

  • Adult Forum—The adult forum meets on Sunday mornings from 11:00-11:45, following the 9:30 service. The class is taught by both clergy and lay people and covers a variety of topics, with most studies lasting between 4-6 weeks.
  • Children’s Sunday School—Children also meet from 11:00-11:45. They study the Bible and teachings of the church, while enjoying age-appropriate crafts and projects.
  • Lenten Study—During Lent, the season leading up to Easter, on Wednesday evenings, we offer a light meal, followed by a program designed to help prepare our hearts and minds for the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.   
  • EFM (Education for Ministry) – A four-year course combining the study of scripture, church history, and theology, with a focus on applying the study to our lives as ministers of Christ. This program is an extension course of the University of the South.
  • Inquirer’s Class—This class is designed to give more information to those who wish to be baptized, confirmed, or received into the Episcopal Church, and for those who may just want a “refresher course” in Christian faith.

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